Enhanced Push notifications (with thumbnail and/or video)

It would be great if the mobile app would show a quick thunmbnail or video along with the push notification that is sent. I know Nest cameras have this so it’s possible. Would be great to have.

I would love to see rich notifications implemented in a future update. Being able to see a picture of the alert in my notifications would make this camera so much more useful for users and it would make this camera even better!

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I’d like to be able to click on notification on my phone and go to live stream directly, so I can see who is at my door ASAP.

There is a Roadmap where you can vote for that option on the playback screen. Or are you wanting to go to the live stream from the push notification?

I just posted a summary of several requests that include the Push notification at the above link.

Although I’m pretty sure this has been requested before, I’d like to put the suggestion forth again. It would be great to have a notification preview (just a static image like the video thumbnails) included on the alert notifications. This would allow quicker sifting of false notifications without entering the app and downloading the video. By including buttons to “view” or “delete” alerts it could be made even more convenient. A bonus would also be that these thumbnail preview images would be displayed on wearable devices as notification previews allowing a quick viewing from wearable devices.

I’ve included a mock-up below to illustrate.

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Couldn’t see this posted here but I have suggested this in the Reddit thread previously.

I’d like to see a snapshot of detected motion in the notification similar to the Nest notification that I’ve attached.

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I ditched Nest in favor of Wyze mostly because of upfront cost plus monthly fees and for the most part I’m very happy with the switch but the one thing that I miss more than anything is the animated notifications, or at the very least a frame that represents the motion detected.
I don’t get any more notifications than I did with Nest but I find that I just ignore them now because it requires that I launch the app every single time instead of just being able to glance at the notification on my phone or watch to see that it was just a bug or a stray cat or something.

Now I searched and didnt see a topic for this one. I have a Netatmo Presence at another property and the app for that sends a screeenshot of the event with the push notification. Is this something that could happen in the future?