End of my rope

I’ve spent all night going through every last suggestion on this forum. I’ve power cycled, manually set my router to 2.4 deleted the app, factory reset you name it.

I recently purchased another Wyzecam after using a V2 since July. I was very happy with it. Yesterday I setup another camera in my home. Everything worked great for the first 6 hours. All of sudden my app shows one camera ( my first camera ) as being offline. The second camera ( new one ) the shows it as being ON but wont connect. How can this happen ? Like I said I’ve tried everything that has been suggested on this forum to no avail. I feel like ive wasted $60 in cams and lost all that time trying to troubleshoot this issue.

Is there anyone out there who has had this same experience? What did you do?

@t.wj.gallant Welcome to the community. Sorry to hear you have had a rough time reconnecting your cameras. I know it is very frustrating when things like this happen, and this is a strange occurrence since you stated that all was working for 6 hours. Furthermore, since you have already tried all the basic troubleshooting procedures, I would recommend submitting a request to support.

Submit a Request

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What version of the app are you using and did it recently upgrade?


Sounds like the router can’t maintain a stable connection. I’d suggest trying another router, or try setting up with a friend’s router.

Can you link to your previous threads about this problem?

Edit – It’s possible that the WiFi channel your router is using is congested, there can be lots of WiFi using the same channel you’re using. Even a hair dryer can interfere. Most WiFi routers have a feature that will survey what channels are busy. You can set your channel selection to “Auto” and let it find the least busy.

2.5.30 on Android has proven to be “flaky”. I’ve had several cams go offline, one came back on by itself, one I had to unplug/plug back in, one still has not come back online,

ASUS router perhaps? Until I disabled the “Airtime Fairness” setting on my RT-AC68U router, I had lots of disconnects on all 6 of my v2 cams. Since disabling this setting a couple months ago, I’ve had almost no troubles connecting at all. My $0.02 …

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