Email error?

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I got one of those error emails too. Somebody must have gotten trigger happy. :grin:

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I got the same email too and have an email into WYZE to see what is going on

I got same email and order nothing- has WYZE been hacked again- if so I am outta here

I have contacted them through email for support and heard nothing as of yet

This was an incorrect button being hit from our side and wasn’t a hack. Our apologies for the accidental email!

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No, it was just an error and was sent out accidentally.

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Guess what I found online in the WYZE Help Center this message:


7/17/20 10:18 PM PT - You may have received a shipping confirmation email that was sent in error. We apologize for the inconvenience! Please rest assured that a new order has not been placed.

Yep! And Gwen, a Wyze employee, did reply to you above and in the other cited thread above the same info. All accidental.

So, somebody at Wyze now knows how that programmer in Hawaii felt 2 years ago. :scream:


I didn’t think that the outdoor cameras were supposed to be shipping until August. I just got an email from Wyze stating “your Order has shipped!”

“Since we have a different process for our orders, you will receive two shipping emails - this one with your tracking number and another email with your order details. We apologize for the confusion!”

I see in the email where the tracking is supposed to be but its left blank. I’m pretty confused. Anyone know whats going on?

It was an error.

Oops! Sorry about that. It was an accident and we’ll be sending follow-up emails to people who received this.

Is this happening again? I got an email about 30 minutes ago that my order shipped…

“View in Your Browzer” ? Really?

Why was mine sent to an email account I do not have active with Wyze?

Why do you send it to an account I no longer have active with Wyze? That account was supposed to be purged.

Sorry for my delay! I don’t have the answer for that and recommend checking with our customer support folks about this one.

Wyze Customer Support

I have reached out to support and have not had an answer since Sat. 7/18.

May I please have your support ticket number so I can look into the delay? Thanks for letting me know!

Current ticket 680782 and original ticket requesting that old account be deleted 430237. I can understand sending out emails on accident, however, this account was supposed to be deleted. That is my concern.

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That absolutely makes sense! I sent your ticket number over to the team and was told that you’ll be receiving a response later. Thanks for giving me the ticket numbers!

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