Email error?

Anyone else get this email tonight? Both me and the wife’s account got it. Did something happen? @WyzeGwendolyn can you let the higher ups know about this?

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I got the same thing. Seems like an error

I’m just hoping it’s not some database hack.

I have made the notification upward. Looks like folks in Core got it too. Thanks for bringing it forward!

Thank you appreciate it. Any information on it you get we would like to hear I’m sure.

I got one came here to see what was going on. Seems to be a fake. The from address is

I would just let the uppers investigate what happened then let us know.

No prob! Until we hear one way or another I’d say don’t click anything in the email (which is a good practice in any questionable email). I’d hope for a official response or acknowledgment as soon as we can, but we are heading into the weekend and it’s the nighttime right now.

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Oops! Sorry about that. It was an accident and we’ll be sending follow-up emails to people who received this.


I have gotten a bunch of emails from that address.

But I guess Gwen doesn’t sleep so that’s a win for the community :laughing:


I just want to say that I really appreciate your use of Spongebob here.

And that sleep is for the weak. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s a lie. I love sleep. I plan to sleep in tomorrow! We should all get some sleep! :smiley:


or is it the gift?
come on, wyze!

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Thanks for spreading the info, Urbnized!

@earthsci, sorry this wasn’t the surprise you were wanting! We look forward to getting your Wyze Cam Outdoor and gift into your hands later. :slight_smile:

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Your welcome… Go to bed @WyzeGwendolyn… Lol

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Just five more minutes? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Have a great weekend! :slight_smile:

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Same happened to my wife’s account. I was perplexed because I did preorder the outdoor cam but she did not. She has never bought Wyze products. She only has an app login to view the cameras.

Thanks for sharing

I just received an email about Order#00. I have order nothing. Wyze sent it to my old account. The one I used before Wyze was hacked. Have they been hacked again?

Welcome to the forum! Check this existing thread for more info.