Either RTSP OR WYZE APP? Can you do both?

Hey everyone. I’m confused! Really my question is… can I jump on the RTSP (TinyCamMonitor) train and still use my WYZE app to view and control my cameras? Can they coexist?

I don’t have any cams using RTSP, so cannot say for certain. However, I believe that once you go to RTSP you do lose some functionality when it comes to the app itself. I believe the expectation is that you would be using the RTSP viewer you selected to use.

As an FYI, TinyCam does not require RTSP to be installed to view the camera’s. I have used that before and logged into TinyCam and added my camera’s for viewing. I did this before the beta version of the Wyze Live View app was released for testing. Now I utilize that instead.

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Honestly, that is exactly what I like to use. But it’s so glitchy. Wonder how long they will beta test…

Not sure on how long, I just manage what I do through some of the issues. For the most part, it has worked fine for me. I am glad they are providing a means to view on other devices like this.

TinyCam does NOT require RTSP to talk to Wyze cameras! That’s a major selling point for it around here. It uses Wyze’s native protocols. You just let it find your cameras and use your Wyze credentials.


Note also that if you DO choose to install the special Wyze RTSP firmware, you STILL can access most regular Wyze app functions, along with TinyCam, along with any other software (DVR, VLC, Blue Iris, etc.) that supports RTSP feeds.

The ONLY time you might lose the ability to use the Wyze app is if you install 3rd party firmware such as Dafang.


Like Customer says, the rtsp is just a setting in the Wyze app. Turn it on and have rtsp and you can still use the app if need be. It doesn’t actually get disabled with rtsp firmware.

The only thing is that the rtsp firmware is not updated with the regular one. So it will be behind on everything and thus the app may have updates with features that the rtsp firmware doesn’t work with.


With this in mind, does camplus lite depend on the firmware of is it solely app/cloud based?

Everything of importance happens on cloud servers yet there appears to be some relation to firmware.

I guess the legacy PD is old enough to be in the current rtsp firmware, at least for v2 cams. So if the server sees the MAC address is in the legacy database, then the option for pd is enabled and maybe a flag is set in the firmware to enable the code. Just wondering if camplus lite is behaving the same way for all cams with rtsp now? Or maybe it’s all server and app based, not sure, just curious.

Not really. While there once was “AI” code on V2 firmware, it hasn’t done anything in a long time. All computing for person detection is done on cloud servers, regardless of firmware or service level.