Edge case? What the heck is that?

If you are cheap, or poor, or unlucky, it is something a device’s problem ‘is’ with respect to Wyze’s motivation and/or practical capacity to fix it.

Too few people experiencing your particular problem makes your predicament an edge case.

Imagine Wyze has MULTIPLE girlfriends (I’m assuming Wyze identifies male for this example because I prefer to) and you’re just ONE of them. You’ve got this nagging little problem, or hang-up, or whatever which is making you unattractively high maintenance for Wyze. Very few of Wyze’ countless other girlfriends have this problem. Virtually none.

So what’s YOUR freakin’ problem, whiny bee? :honeybee:

But Wyze, being a gentleman, would never be so crass and cruel. He will choose to let you down easy by allowing you to come to the conclusion on your own.

Shoot, he’s not that into me. Guess it’s time to upgrade or move on.

Hope this helps. :wink:

Edge case, nut case, it takes all kinds.

I’m an Edge Case. A Beta Edge Case.
Samsung Galaxy Tab A - the upgrade to their new Android 11 GUI crashes my group view, doesn’t work with location in rules
Amazon Fire 10 (2019) - can’t load new app.

But then anyone who complains can be called an “edge case”. But that’s my life.

I used to try to be on the primary cutting edge of technology. But living on the primary cutting edge usually involves quite a bit of blood. So I’ve decided to slip down to the secondary edge.

So, I sorta got it just inferring from recent use in context on the forum. Here’s the more informed treatment I just found from a ‘thoughtful tester’ promising ‘reliable results’:

@Customer @gemniii

And here’s the nagging little problem I’ve resigned myself to embrace:

I’ve seen no one else reporting my exact variation. I have a nag screen but the video plays. Others, not so much.

I once had a job where I was asked by a client to judge photographic evidence of radio-receptive fillings. I mean, I couldn’t tell by the photographs if the fillings were radio-receptive or not, but I tried to keep my mind as wide open as they had kept their mouth (for the pix.) I didn’t rush them and they left a lot calmer, satisfied.

It was a fascinating job with decent pay and benefits.

Another place and time. Entirely.

good article
Looks like Wyze has jumped on the latest word for what we used to call rare cases back in the day.
But as Silverstein brings up the question of “Do edge cases need to be fixed?” depends on the severity and impact on sales of the cases.
A lot of Wyze focus had been on items for non-security use. It was a constant complaint on here that their offerings did not meet the quality needed for security purposes and their response was Wyze products were not designed for security and therefore it was a non-issue.

But lo and behold - all of a sudden they are selling “Professional home security at a DIY price starting at $5/month”.

So much for that excuse.

I had been staying away from HMS, and didn’t even try to be a beta tester for it, hadn’t looked at their ads even until today. Having been involved with security for the Army I knew I couldn’t help Wyze make the jump to an actual security company without being a constant complainer that they products were not working.

It’s one thing to miss the FedEx man because all your cameras went down due to a flooky upgrade (later recalled), quite another to miss an intruder. And then have it hit the headlines.

Which brings me to edge case - Wyze needs to partner with some quality manufacturer of display devices so they can market a system that WORKS from the FACTORY. This depending on it to work 100% with all the various flavors of Android and combinations of hardware is ridiculous.

So now when my systems don’t work I can be shrugged off as an edge case.

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Verty Well said…What I have been saying…Wyze needs to focus on a Core Product group and hire the A-Team.

Nov 2019

Was he saying they were then developing a Wyze branded mobile phone? It’s unclear to me from the phrasing.

Quit yer bellyachin’? Ok, from May 2020, for perspective:

And this from a few weeks ago in another thread (now deleted):

The whole tech proposition (as it has developed) definitely feels like an asymmetrical ‘partnership.’

Do you figure the utility received minus the cash invested and time spent self-helping breaks in your favor, theirs, or is it a wash?

I feel like I’m ‘up’ a little at the moment. I’ve not added anything new for a year and what I have has become fairly stable.

I experienced a significant improvement in camera streaming a while back (WebRTC implementation?) the improvement I’d call most ‘dramatic’ in the app over 2.5 years.

Wednesday the Cam was at 65%…now 2%…nothing has changed.

2nd time this has happened…Network is working as a Bug if the Network is down for 1+ day’s.