Echo show detects wyze cam but wont show on display

I have a Echo Show 10 Gen 3. Purchased it because I thought I read somewhere that I would be able to show one or multiple Wyze Cam’s on it by simply saying “Alexa, show ‘Back Yard Camera’ “. (I haven’t had time to research or follow up on this at all…or I grew tired of trying to get it to work… perhaps both).

Thanks for asking the question….

I have a WOC in my front yard, facing my front door, and I created a rule where if the WOC detected motion, the Echo Show would start streaming from the Wyze Doorbell Camera…. (that quit working for reasons’ unknown, and I’m going to see if I can get that working again today)

Ideally, I’d like to see my Echo Show 10 stream my doorbell cam 24/7. Perhaps there is a reason that is not feasible?

I’d also like to see my Echo display a grid of my cameras… 2x2… 4x4 or any multiple camera view that makes sense on a 10” Echo Show.


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I had 1zV3 working fine. Added 2 more, and Alexa not show them. It sees them, but they will not display on any Amazon devices. Removed, added back, no change


This is happening to me recently. Echo show will display my Pan Cam V3, but not my static V3s.

I’ve disabled the wyze skill, reenabled it, but it still won’t connect.

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I’m running into the same issue. Ever since I added a 2nd Wyze came the first one does not show on Alexa anymore

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I have multiple Wyze cameras from all generations and an echo show 15 with this exact same issue. It refuses to show my cameras anymore. It used to work fine. I even removed all the cameras from my Wyze account and started over completely very frustrating. Any real fixes yet?

I am having same issue…Cam 3 Works fine on Wyze app…perfect…working with Alex Echo Show’s worthless…all we get is run around as Wyze has no idea how to fix…Have Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8…neither work…they connect but always same result…“The Camera Is Not Responding” and get NO NOTIFICATIONS when tripped…

I have had all the same problems described above with both my echo show 8 and 5 being unable to connect to any of my wyze cams, of which I have 10, version 2 version 3 OG pan and doorbell wired. None of the cameras would display on the Amazon devices although they displayed normally on the app and also on a PC using the my wise website. I tried all the suggestions to fix the problem listed above but none of them worked. Then last night we had a 2-hour loss of power, and once power was restored, believe it or not, both the echo devices displayed all my wyze cams normally. 24 hours later they are still working normally. Maybe they just need to be off longer than a few minutes to reset whatever is causing the problem. I suppose it’s also possible that having the Wi-Fi router off for an extended period could have had something to do with it? Just thought I’d share.

Any found fix for this issue?

Anyone with a solution for the alexa show 8 not connecting to the wyze camera?

All I can tell you is that 6 weeks later both my shows are still displaying my wyze cams try turning everything off for 2 hours and see if that works