Echo show detects wyze cam but wont show on display

I have a Echo Show 10 Gen 3. Purchased it because I thought I read somewhere that I would be able to show one or multiple Wyze Cam’s on it by simply saying “Alexa, show ‘Back Yard Camera’ “. (I haven’t had time to research or follow up on this at all…or I grew tired of trying to get it to work… perhaps both).

Thanks for asking the question….

I have a WOC in my front yard, facing my front door, and I created a rule where if the WOC detected motion, the Echo Show would start streaming from the Wyze Doorbell Camera…. (that quit working for reasons’ unknown, and I’m going to see if I can get that working again today)

Ideally, I’d like to see my Echo Show 10 stream my doorbell cam 24/7. Perhaps there is a reason that is not feasible?

I’d also like to see my Echo display a grid of my cameras… 2x2… 4x4 or any multiple camera view that makes sense on a 10” Echo Show.


I had 1zV3 working fine. Added 2 more, and Alexa not show them. It sees them, but they will not display on any Amazon devices. Removed, added back, no change