Early adopter =beta tester?

I read where being an early adapter was an option in the app… But I’m not finding it. How is it different than being a beta tester?

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Early access. Early access is where you’re able to purchase the product before it’s released to the masses. You may run into a few minor issues that they are able to change through FW updates but it’s basically the production model. Just a kinda test run if you will.


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Cool… So, where is the ‘sign up’ for it? I don’t see it in the app.

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That’s why I tagged Gwendolyn she would be the one you would have to speak to

Check out this link. Beta testers have a better shot set being selected for hardware testing.
How to Become a Beta Tester


To become a beta tester just follow the steps at the link provided by @tomp.

To be part of the early access group all you have to do is buy a product when it is released to early access. They will usually put a new product on sale with a limited number of items to be sold. The last product to go to Early Access was the WYZE Lock. It will go on sale to the full public soon hopefully.


We don’t have anything available for Early Access yet but we will have some fun products later this year! :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t say that beta testers have a better chance of being selected for hardware testing since we don’t check on that before sending invitations.

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