Dust basket + Warranty

To whom it may concern:

On December 25, 2021 I received a Wyze cordless vacuum cleaner as a Christmas gift.
Less than a year later, the dust basket began opening sporadically. In early February 2023, the latch on the dust basket broke. I called to get a replacement latch or dust basket. I was informed that the warranty was for 12 months and that I could not get a replacement basket.

I understand that you have a warranty protocol in place, but the fact that the latch breaks one month after the warranty expires should be cause for an exception. Additionally, I was not looking for a free change – I would be quite happy paying a little bit for a replacement basket. But it seems like your policy does not allow for this either. The combination of the two is frustrating.

In all fairness, I enjoy Wyze products – I have 9 of them in my household right now. You make good products. But this last experience with the vacuum is really sub-par.

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The fact that Wyze wouldn’t do a courtesy replacement being it was barely outside the warranty, says a lot about the company.