Dual press to trigger Alexa routine

How can I enable my switch to trigger a routine in Alexa when I dual press?

I don’t see anything in the wall switches’ ad that says that is possible. What makes you think it is?

What would you like to happen when you double press the Wyze Switch?

One option is to have the Double Switch turn on a Wyze Plug (or another device), then the Wyze Plug trigger a routine in Alexa.

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hmm, that’s interesting. I’ve not seen using a Wyze plug as an Alexa routine. But I believe YOU if you say, @spamoni4 .


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I was using it as a sample. Le tme verify the use of the plug in Alexa.


This was listed in one of the Fix It Friday’s. So you can trigger another device to do entice ALexa to do something. :slight_smile:

However, when @caomar provides what they would like to do, they may not need to use Alexa

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Basically I wanted to turn on/off a different brand outdoow switch with a dual press using Alexa routine.

You might want to, you might need to look at other products to perform those button push features for Alexa. Products such as Flic 2 button, Aqara’s smart button, Yolink’s fob and Broadlink’s 4 function smart button, to name four for you off the top of my head.