Dropped a new V3

Taking care of a new pup who ran out in the rain to pee, yay! Dried her with a towel and swung it back to its default position knocking the cam to the ground. Won’t turn on. Just a brick. Early adopter. 5 cams. One I haven’t set up yet. Apparently not military grade. Anyone need a matching brick…?


I am not saying yours has the same problem, but I dropped a V3 once, and it stopped turning on just like yours. I figured I’d open it up just for fun, and found that it was easy for me to fix. Maybe review my thread on the issue and see if you can just plug it back in to get it to work again and save yourself the money:

Or if not you, maybe ask a friend or someone you know who loves to tinker and fix things. It might be fairly easy for someone to fix for you. If you lived near me I’d offer to try to fix for you, it really was fairly simple.

EDIT: FYI for those reading this now, julianstan noted in that other thread that after resetting the V3 one more time it started working.