Dressed up the thermostat a little


I relocated my thermostat to a more open space on the wall (it was in an awkward location) but then didn’t like how it looked and thought I’d dress it up a little with a walnut trim. I was worried about the sensor at the bottom of the unit itself, but it has been set up for almost a week and the trim piece doesn’t seem to affect the function at all.

Thought I’d share in case anyone else doesn’t like the look of their new thermostat and wants to dress it up a little.


That looks quite nice. Well done.

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That is gorgeous. You should consider ramping up production and selling them. I would love to beta test an oak one :wink:. My wife hates the utilitarian look of the new thermostat.

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Looks nice, great way to dress it up. Have you noticed any difference in temperatures and operation? I would be curious with the reduction in air flow across the unit.

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I’ve made a few rings now for both myself and a couple of people who own the thermostats. I’ve routed the back out with four long (1/4" deep) pockets so the air is able to pass behind the ring while it is pushed all the way against the wall. This seems to allow for the ventilation the thermostat needs and it seems to function properly.