Wyze Thermostat Working Great

Simple install, two on one zoned system. Everything my existing thermostat did and then some. Very satisfied with the product.


Good to hear. I am nervous to attempt to install mine on my old RUUD heatpump and replace my Mercury Thermostat. my indoor (Crawlspace) unit has no control panel, So unsure if I need C wire adaptor. Plus the app says that my system is not compatible, but the website says it is. (Which I checked 12+ times) Glad it worked well for you!

I agree! I installed mine last evening. All went as advertised and is now working well.

However, I do not find personalizing settings easy. Was able to set up basics but fine tuning, no luck. Have checked FAQ and trial and error attempts.

Is there anything like an instruction guideline? Also, no luck manually setting the thermostat.