Download selected (or all) events (bulk download)

Much simpler, easier and faster is to take out the SD card and download everything to a folder on your PC and play the entire thing on VLC. Of course this is not a good idea if your cameras are far away or if you have them mounted in a very hard to reach location. I have never understood why cams are place in difficult to reach locations. I placed my cams out of reach, but I don’t need to climb a 50 foot pole or 22 foot extension ladder to reach them. I hate tall F***ing ladders, :grin:


So I’m going to ask again because I really want it to to get to the dev list. Can we please have a bulk download option so we can download all by camera, by event, or just simply download all cameras. I love my Wyze cams but I have MUCH better tools to sort the videos on my Mac or iPad. Until you can give those tools a bulk download option is needed.


Download multiple videos

Would love to be able to select multiple videos to download all at one time. Instead of having. To download one single video at a time.


Bulk aka Multiple Event Select and Download Option for Events

An option to select/choose events and save them in one shot aka in bulk onto your phone, instead of downloading each one by one manually.

This would work for bothusers not using an SDMicroCard, or users with a very low capacity SDMicroCard or full SDMicroCard necessitating a download of particular events.

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I returned my cameras. This is a required feature for me.

  1. save in the cloud
  2. download multiple events at once

—- update:
Arlo cameras allow multi-select for those who need this feature

—- what it is like right now to use the manual download:

It takes about 10 seconds to save a video manually… but then I need to organize them, remember which I downloaded & which I didn’t, and not skip one by accident, etc.

If someone robs my house I need to have all the videos. End of story.

This is such a basic required feature.

If wyze is doing this for $$ … then add the feature to the plus plan so we can pay for it.

Requiring hours of work, and if I don’t do it perfectly… everything is erased in 14 days…

Until this feature is in place, these cameras are toys for fun. Not a serious safety solution.

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My dsta stored in the cloud, currently needs to be downloaded individually. I need a way to download all at once. Is it possible? If so how, do i do it…

Another +1 for this feature to be added!
Its absurd to lock downloads to only one at a time and only via the app. In an emergency or any time sensitive situation this would be awful!

Wyze, why would you make things this difficult for your customers? It doesnt require a great deal of development work to implement this.

  • allow multi-select/bulk event downloads
  • also allow it via web browser
  • and allow the video filenames to be something user friendly like date-timestamp in the filename. A filename like 761e89655d0182837badfc04d6690d6.MP4 isnt helpful when a video needs to be sent to the authorities.
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Seriously, there is no way to download all videos? This is a basic table stakes feature…