Download cloud events from two weeks ago? (Emergency! on last day before they overwrite!)

Hello, a sheriff came to see me today and wanted footage from my camera back on the 11th, I told him they are all on the cloud and not on my memory stick.

Its becoming apparent that downloading two hours worth (roughly 30-40 events) of cloud footage is nearly impossible. Is there a quicker way to do this?

Nope. Open every one. Download individually.

Start with the oldest so it gives you time to get the newer ones.

There is a Wishlist request for bulk download capability.


that is… nuts! I would say that’s a complete oversight… I mean you can hit the edit and check box multiple events for DELETE, but not SAVE? wow.
The most annoying part is, after you save the video, and go back to the event screen, it brings you back to the top of the timeline.
I need 1PM so I’m scrolling back down after every video download. pulls hair out

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I agree. A bulk selectable batch download would be a game changer to have. This has been a feature request for 4 years.

That is a bug that has been pointed out in the App Release threads that they are currently working on. And yes. It is annoying and time consuming.

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Unless it’s a crime against you or they have a warrant, why would you supply them video. You’re opening yourself ( if it’s home and not a business ) to getting a subpoena to court to testify. Months from now, when you are planning a trip or holiday, you’ll end up in court where your name and address will be public record. Don’t do it. Especially if it’s was some sheriff who showed up acting Buddy Buddy who will ultimately not care about you.
You should have answered “I don’t have that” or “I’ll need an official request in writing ( warrant ) to see if that’s available.
Are you getting paid for your time, to do someone else’s job ?