Download raw data?

Hey there!

Bought the Wyze Cam + Sense pack a few weeks ago and I’m loving it so far.
I’m a numbers guy and I would really like to use the sensor raw data for statistical analysis, e.g. probability of a door being open at a certain hour of the day, average time the front door is opened, etc.
Is there a way to obtain a *.csv (or similar) of the sensor event logs somehow?


That’s probably a question best asked of Wyze Support. I don’t know it will work since you are not reporting a problem but I imagine they will reply and you can at least pose the question to them.

One option is IFTTT, which can be set up write to a google sheets file for every sensor, and from there statistically analyze until your heart’s content.


I sent them an email and this is what I got back:

Thank you for reaching out to the Wyze Wizard Support Team! My name is John and I see that you would like to be able to collect raw data from your Wyze Sense devices. Currently, we do not have a way to provide that data nor access it. I think it would be really cool if we could though! One way to get this idea to gain some traction with the developers is to post it on the Wyze Wishlist Community Forum. Here users can vote on your idea to bring it to the forefront.

I think it would be an amazing feature to have to be able to download raw data of this kind, or link it to another service to download data from there

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An idea how this would work exactly?

Yes, I considered that. However, IFTTT is pretty limited when it comes to this. If I remember correctly the triggers are only for a single event (door opening, motion detected, etc.). So for a door sensor it may be possible to get the data by having two IFTTT recipes log the time and save it in two different columns in a google sheet. I don’t know how the time logging part would have to look like though…

Well, you can always just set it up and try it out, and see what the logging looks like…

I’m just spit-balling ideas… if you have a better option, then that’s great.

You create an IFTTT Wyze This, select a contact sensor or motion sensor option (opens/closes or detects/becomes clear), then add a That of Google Sheets “Add a Row…”

I have tried it and it does work quite well. In my case, I need to know both states (Open and closed) and to do that via IFTTT 2 google sheets are cleased, one for the open state, one for the closed state, for each device.