Download event button not working?

During viewing a 12 sec event, seems the download button is not working. The share button works so I can ‘save’ it by forwarding it to myself by why can’t I download?

One of those things missed in the code re-write?

Well kind of… if I ‘share’ the file is named .cached and needs to be renamed.

you’re saying when you hit it nothing is happening?

give me a few more details.

also, are you using android or IOS and is this a beta or production version of the app?

Yes, nothing happens.

Android production version.

Share button on the same screen works.

Thanks for the help.

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are you using IOS or android?

so are you saying it isn’t working because you cant find it in your gallery? the reason I ask is because on android at least sometimes for anyone on apple reading this, your media gallery wont update right away after an app downloads something. sometimes its the OS version, sometimes its caused by the skin that the phone makes puts on android or numerous other things.

I don’t know of a stock way other than a reboot of the phone to do a media scan to refresh your gallery. you do have an option ( and im speaking of experience only on android) to download a media scanner app.

I would say first try to restart your phone, that should refresh your media gallery and check to see if any of the downloads show up.

if that doesn’t work download a media rescan app ( here is the one I use and like) and try that

media scanner app

those two options are the simple and user first solutions to try. if those fail I would definitely send in a trouble ticket with logs and let support know whats going on.

please keep me updated, this is most peculiar, I haven’t seen any other reports of this type of thing happening.

Edit; one other thing you might want to try if those two things dont work is to find an app for looking at your file directories and look directly into your download folders in both the root folder on your phone and the download directory on your sd card of the phone if you use one, and maybe even the Wyze folders on phone and phone SD as well to see if they are there and possibly corrupted. that might cause them to not appear if the other methods don’t work. but that’s a long stretch.

Not on Android but has a similar problem. Turned out to be a combination of older Firmware and newer app. Updated and it now works. Involved time lapses also. For what it’s worth- hope it helps.

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Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll do some more investigating.

Android IOS production version.

Also, I wonder why when I ‘share’ the file to an email in order to save it, the file is named nnnn.cached?


I just noticed the same thing so I came here to see if anyone else describes the same issue.

If there’s a 12-sec clip I want to save, I do a “share” and send it via email to myself. These are supposed to be saved with a file name of MP4, but as of today I noticed the file name extension is “cached”. I can’t open them. Also, when I open the email my only option is to download. There’s no “view” option as before.

I don’t know how long this has been happening since I have not shared a file in quite a while.

OK, something has changed and after hitting the download button I get a confirmation that it’s been saved to my gallery. I can find the event on my phone now.

If I Share the event to email, the file is still named .cached.

If you rename the file to .mp4 then it can be viewed.

Hey Rod. So now for me when I do a “share” to my email, nothing shares, no file is attached in the email. But it ends up saving it to my phone’s photo gallery, and then I can do a share to my email from there. Weird, but at least it works. Is that what you’re talking about? Mine worked fine this way and it did share as an MP4, so at least that part was fixed for me. Are you still getting it as “cached”?