Doorbell should ring on android phone

The doorbell should ring on my phone when someone pushes the button. Otherwise, I do not know when someone is ringing the doorbell if I’m away from the house. This is how the Ring doorbell works. I was able to answer the door with my phone when someone rang the doorbell. I cannot do this with the Wyze doorbell. Very disappointed. May have to go back to the Ring doorbell.


It does notify you. It’s just lumped in with all of the other notifications on the notification bar. But the app does need to emphasize it better and make it distinct from everything else. I really want it to treat it like a phone call and take over the entire screen.


Yep its kinda useless if someone presses the button and it gives just a quiet ping in the background…
Wyze is seeing this as just another camera.


only if … no continues recording no memory card … cant add it to camera group ( of any group )
its like i need second camera next to it to get full function out of it …


Yes, I was a little disappointed by the lack of a memory card or continuous recording. But if they can fix the notification issue, I’ll be happy with it. I’ll just continue using my other camera’s for the continuous recording.

And I have no idea why we can’t group them. That was a shocker, really.


Vote for the feature here:


I agree. When the doorbell is pushed, it should pop up full screen immediately, otherwise, what good is it? If I am away, or in the back yard, or the basement, and it notifies me lumped with all the rest after the person at the door has given up and walked away, the doorbell is useless.


Please make our android phone ring and vibrate when somone rings the bell


It should pop up on the phone right away


Notification sent by the doorbell are delayed more than 15 minutes. This is unacceptable. These need to be instant.


I agree. I asked tech support by email about this very thing and got a snotty, sarcastic response from a tech. I am using an old tablet for my other cameras in a group, and an old android cell phone just for the doorbell. But still can’t get instant notifications for the doorbell on the apps. Poor planning and execution.


I had a noname video doorbell that came to the phone like a phone call but sound quality was crap. I don’t understand why the big names like ring or wyze can’t do this! crazy not too.

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I am also using an old tablet just for doorbell but cant get any instant notification for the door bell.

It will ring on the phone if you turn Voip on within Wyze.

Go to account notification then push notifications and turn Voip on


Now voip call also not working, on android please fix it or recall doorbell ( mine doorbell pro and plus notification )

Was getting notifications from Doorbell Pro on and off for a while, but the last few weeks… crickets: and I don’t mean my phone’s notification sound is crickets (although that would be cool). I mean nothing. Maybe time for a comprehensive troubleshooting article, or a firmware update.