How do I make the doorbell notify when rung?

I am a new doorbell user although I have a Cam Pan (excellent) and Doorlock (which never unlocks automatically). I am using the Android app. Firmware updated. Camera installed and power cycled and also reset. Plugin

Afaics, the doorbell doesn’t do its fundamental job of notifying me when it is actually pressed. It captures plants moving in the wind, but not the bing-bong. I am using the trial ‘Plus’ service, and it offers AI detection which don’t need (see Cam Pan), but actually pressing the button doesn’t notify me. The chime works - but that’s no good to me if I am not there.

I understand that there is an ‘detection timeout’ but that makes no sense if someone walking down the drive trips the timeout so that the bell press is then ignored. And besides which I thought the ‘Plus’ subscription was designed to obviate that issue for $3 a month.

(There is a secondary issue of it never uploading video even though it has a solid Wi-Fi connection, which I mention in case it is relevant.)

I can’t see any settings related to the bell push itself, so I would welcome a little help if someone has got this working. I am hoping there is a combination of setting which will stop it detecting from the camera and enable notification when the button is actually pressed.

And which Android Notification would the bell-push actually be? WyzeMessage, General or Wyze?

FWIW the router is about 15 feet away with only one wall between it and the doorbell. My phone shows a ‘strong’ WiFi signal when placed next to the doorbell camera.

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I’m having the same problem! Volume is all the way up it even allows me to connect the chime and then it’s not ringing

I never did get it to work,

After a lot of back and forth with Support they sent me a replacement - which has worked perfectly.

To be clear, I could hear the bing-bong, but couldn’t get notifications. AND after a variable time the doorbell cr@pped out and swamped the network with packets. Not fun.

However, try this before giving up. Get an ITTT (if this, then that) account. It is free for up to 3 triggered events. Use the doorbell to trigger the ITTT to send you a text. That’s pretty robust, and gets around Wyze’s congestion problems.