Doorbell failure

I’m a long time Wyze user however, I’m disappointed in the doorbell. It’s missing a critical feature and the reason for my purchase.
The doorbell has an excellent camera but I fully expected it to notify me when a person is detected and it doesn’t. The problem is that it can be viewed in it’s history log but no real-time notification such as the Ring . If I’m missing a setting please let me know.

I have a doorbell and get alerted when a Person or Motion is detected. Here are my settings on the doorbell, it is the same settings as the Cameras:

Detection Settings

Event Recordings

Notification Settings

Thanks. My settings were very close except for the Motion High.

Do your settings cause the notification to ‘pop up’ when the app is closed?


Yes, but not sure what device you are using. I have an Android Pixel 5. Here is another topic I posted steps in, you may want to check this out as these are my settings:

or this one…