Doorbell routine not working?

I have a routine set that when wyze doorbell sees a person between 7pm and 7am it turns on a wyze bulb (currently its a color one, but have changed the target device/location with same results)

The bulb hasnt gone on with this routine ever. Except for 7:07am this morning when the garbage man hit the doorbell.

Cant use alexa for this because alexa will only action on wyze doorbell press.

Anyone else seeing similar issue?

This appears to do with the fact that the action time crosses over midnight.

It went on today when a person walked by at 6:40 am but not anything previously.

I changed the time setting to 1am - 11pm and its working fine (its light out though so doesnt really help…)

Going to try setting two routines (7pm-11:59pm and midnight-7am) to see if that resolves it.

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So far so good on two separate routines.

Odd though because I have routines on other devices that span midnight and they work as expected. (I have other lights that trip on motion, more that go when doors are opened, and one that will go on if a v2 cam detects a person)

Its just the routine on the doorbell that hiccups

And I spoke too soon.

Four person alerts after 7pm and no routine trigger…
(Its not that its trying and failing, just not trying at all)

Rhyme and Reason dont apply here. (Maybe they were kidnapped, granted that only makes sense if you’ve read a specific obscure childrens book)

I’m going to run some more tests to get more data…

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Today, all routines that trigger on person detection through the wyze app are not working. Including ones that have worked fine for months.

Setting thr exact same routines through alexa works.

Im so confused…

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I just received the color light bulbs today. I set up a trigger that when my doorbell detects motion, my light bulb should turn on. It hasn’t done that and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s a similar issue? I’ve tried deleting the rule and re-adding, but still nothing.

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Sounds like it.

Ive now tried the doorbell alert with a color bulb, a regular bulb, and a plug and it doesnt work.

Same items trigger on a motion sensor opening/closing. And all have a separate routine set to shut them off after x minutes on which has always worked.

I’m not having 100% success with a regular cam (v2) motion/person alerts working with routines either, but it might be because of overlap (bulb goes on if motion outside or I open door leading outside) thats my next test to try to pinpoint further.

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Let me know if you figure anything out. I tried deleting the rules and app cache. Then just setup a basic rule: if doorbell detects motion, turn on light, but it didn’t work. I’ve reported this and created a log, so hopefully it gets fixed soon!

I just tested this again tonight and it works now. I set my color bulb to turn when motion is detected on the doorbell. I haven’t tested this the last couple days, but I did just update the firmware for the color bulbs.

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Hmm… will have to go out and test mine.
Havent had any luck with it, I switched to a white bulb a weekish ago because I wanted to use the color somewhere else, but I’ll switch it back if that will fix it.


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Ok, let me know how it goes. I just updated the color bulb firmware to and it worked for me.

I just tested it six times (which was dumb, its cold out!) and it worked every time!
With the white bulb at that.
Id like to believe it was because they looked at all the logs you and I sent and reacted, but… lol

Thanks much for the heads up!

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