Doorbell Pro Wall Adapter

Hi everyone, has anyone found a working adapter for the doorbell pro? I tried my previous adapter from the normal doorbell but it did not seem to work… Support says that leaving it plugged in is not recommended. But hardwiring it is an option and my 18V adapter should work.

Im just trying to see if it’s a known issue or if I’m somehow missing something.

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Can you clarify what you mean by Wall Adapter?

Here is why I am asking. I have th Doorbell Pro and figured out that you cannot hook up the USB adapter and expect it to function as if it was wired to the transformer. the USB connection will only charge the battery. If you have a wired doorbell, you will need to use a 16v to 24v transformer to connect to the terminals on the Doorbell. When you do this, the Doorbell will connect a lot faster and start live streaming.

Something like one of these should work as well:

I am currently using this adapter

It shows as running on battery and the battery is slowly going down. I asked support if I need a higher Voltage wall adapter and they said

" Upon checking the image it seems that it is incorrect. It is not recommended to be left plugged into the wall. If you need continuous power it is recommended to hardwire the doorbell.

You may use the photo instructions we sent earlier as a guide on how to hardwire the doorbell pro. You cannot leave the doorbell pro plugged thru a wall plug adapter, it needs to be hardwired. "

A New Update from another support chat

" Thanks for waiting. As per checking, it looks the doorbell pro is a wireless battery-operated device. Hardwired may work but it is optional with the existing doorbell. This will not work with DC/AC adapters. "

Is the adapter working for you? It looks similar to mine but mine does not show a different symbol on the battery ad well as it is slowly draining the battery still.

I did not end up buying it as I hooked it up to my front door. I put this in place and ran my own wires:

It is 16v 30 Va. So yours should work just fine. I do know you can’t use the USB and expect it to function as Hardwired, I learned that the hard way.

I just found this which claims it works with the Wyze Doorbell.

Mine is run through the doorbell terminals so it is not the USB cable. It has 2 bare wires you wrap and it should work since it works perfectly on the original wyze doorbell. But support keeps saying that’s not how the new one works, even though it says it can be wired…

Maybe they are saying this:

The New Doorbell actually communicates through the Chime. So you have to connect the Chime First and then connect the Doorbell. Using the Screws on the back is the way it should be hooked up to ensure it is running as wired.

When it is wired the battery location looks like this:

When on Battery, it looks like this:

Sadly, I am thinking I’ll just need to try a higher Voltage terminal adapter I do not see the correct power symbol

I don’t see any issues otherwise. I even tried the wires on the opposite terminal just in case. (obviously I had it plugged in to the wall outlet with no change in battery power or not but just wanted to show my connections)

I can only do 1 image per post

That is definitely not what it should look like. You may need higher voltage, as you indicated. I only have 16V but the amps and the 30Va (Which I am not sure what this was) may have made a difference.

I would probably try to one which shows the Wyze VDB. May be a best bet.

I went with the 24V 500mA that you posted. I am hoping the 18V 800mA was just not enough juice. I will let you know in a few days since I can’t find ANY posts where people show a wired setup working with adapters yet.

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Will be interested. You could be the first to recommend one.

I just got the replacement unit and it worked perfectly with a wall adapter

I ended up with this adapter just to easily be able to use my own cable so I can make it any length.

I used basic 16 gauge wire to the fork adapters that came with the doorbell.

So mine was just faulty somehow.


I just hard wired mine and checked the voltage to the Wyze Pro doorbell at around 22v. My app dont show the plug icon, just battery. So I’m thinking its not charging. So was it due to bad doorbell or was it your 18v transformer? Did the new 24v transformer solve it?


Sadly, I had to have the unit replaced. Both transformers did not work but once I had a new doorbell it worked just as I expected besides a new issue that cropped up a few motnsh ago…

Granted now I have a doorbell that stops working every 2 weeks or so… I now have to unplug a lead (or turn off the power) then take the unit off the plate, power it off and then back on to get it to resume recording and doing notifications.

But somehow the doorbell function works while the camera doesn’t. But for the price I can’t complain to much.

Sorry to hear the issues you’re having. I had bought my doorbell pro while ago and was waiting to hardwire. They should have included the important details of transformer voltage and plug icon if its getting the proper constant charge. I will test more to see if my plug icon will show or if battery start loosing charge before contacting Wyze. Thanks for your reply.

Update. I just meter my connection to be sure, it about 23v and my WDBP was fully charged to 100% in the house before connecting at door. It didn’t show the plug icon and battery level dropped. So sometimes is not right.

Can anyone let me know what the voltage reading at the back of your Wyze doorbell pro while connected to power?

I got a 24V (AC) / 1A wall charger and can confirm that it comes up as hardwired in the app (monochrome icon with plug over the battery bar).