Doorbell Pro setup connectivity issues

Same issue and same troubleshooting steps.

Wow! Based on your post, I used an old IPhone and it connected perfectly. I am having no issue accessing video feed, I have no idea why you are having an issue. Thanks for posting this!

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My issue fixed. Wyze Tier 2 informed me today of a deployed solution by the engineers. Connected and on line now.

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OK good. Better a real fix. So me setting it up successfully with iPhone likely coincidence.

How was that solution deployed? Update on the app or on device(s)?

Updated my app and all is well!

The current version of the app. for the iphone is kinda old

Released on 8/4 V

Are you on an Android by chance?



I am on Android… Says 2.441 (327). Sorry I have no idea what anything means, but as soon as I updated it, my issues resolved. :slight_smile:

Thanks Caroline
“Similar” version numbers …

I’m not in a big hurry (any more) so will wait a few days and see if there is an app. update for the iPhone,

Then try with the new replacement doorbell they sent … which…
is still in the box at the moment.

I’ve been really busy the last few days, but noticed that a new version of the Wyze app was released for the iPhone on August 18th: V2.44.5 (3) aka V2.44.5.3

I installed it, but it did not help. I still can not successfully add a doorcam pro to my account.

I’ve had a support ticket open since August 25th
I did get a confirmation e-mail back with a ticket number back, but …
That’s it… no help, no reply, not even a “sorry it’s taking so long…”

Lunacy …

I see a new version of the s/w for the iPhone has dropped.

It does not mention any fixes for setup problems but …???

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

Here is it February 2024 and I’ve tried getting 2 new Doorbell Pro’s to work with my iPhone 15 Max and Spectrum 5/2.4G router with no success. I have 8 OG cameras around my home inside and out, 2 smart switches and 4 smart plugs all with no issues.

I get through the entire setup procedure and when finished I get a “weak signal” message even if both the doorbell and chime are 5 feet from the router where the speed is 500+ down and 20+ up. First chat with Wyze support ended with the agent telling me to return the doorbell for warranty. I bought a second on Amazon which has the same issue and now a second chat with Wyze and no success but they wanted a log from the app.

I just worked with Spectrum who suggested changing my iPhone to the 2.4 network which we did but it made no difference. I didn’t think it would because the devices do not connect through the phone.

This is my first poor experience with Wyze and has me more than a bit concerned. I’ve been impressed with their devices and app and how easy everything connected and how well they work.

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