Doorbell press notification option not working as it should?

Hey guys, I just set the notifications for my Wireless Doorbell Cam Pro but I am slo getting notifications for when a vehicle is parked out front, what am I doing wrong please?

Assuming you are not getting an actual vehicle event notification but a standard motion event caused by a vehicle, as it appears as if you do not have Cam Plus on the Video Doorbell Pro.

Try this, and this may be a little overkill, but could resolve.

Toggle Motion Events to On
Force Close the App
Open the App
Clear the App Cache
Force Close the App again
Open the App and Turn Motion Events Off and see if you continue to get Notifications for anything other than the Doorbell press


Thanks but how do I force close the APP please?

Yes I have cam plus.

What does your event recording settings look like?

On iOS is just making sure the app is not running in the background, so the swipe up from bottom and close the App.

ok. This screen which you asked about,