Doorbell- option to send notification ONLY when the button is pushed

Same problem here.

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What are your notification settings? App version you are using? Any other relevant settings or info that you can provide will help as well. Here is a recent convo i had about this issue with a resolution.

I suggest that the button push should produce a “Chime” on our phones so as to completely distinguish a button push from other notifications.


That requires a different type of notification message than “General” or “Wyze Message”… once a “Doorbell” notification type exists customers can change it any sound they want or none at all.

Currently, we don’t get that choice… it baffles me why Wyze doesn’t implement it, particularly when the requirement is obvious and the solution is straightforward.

Video doorbell push notification only when some rings the bell. Not for motion detection

It would be great if the app sends push notification only when someone rings the bell. Not for all other types of detection. Being the doorbell facing the street, notifications for all events is too much. I would like events recorded for all motion and AI, but not get notified each time.

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Have you tried using the VoIP option? If you go to Account > Notifications > Push Notifications > Voice Over IP

Select the first 2 options, then when someone presses the doorbell you will get a phone call with a popup image to tap and speak with individuals. You can try this with notifications on, and then turn off Notifications on the Doorbell and try it again. I believe it will continue to work.