Wyze doorbell notification only help

Is there a way to get notification only for the doorbell? I have multiple cameras and if I make the notification silent I do not get an alert when someone presses the doorbell. Just an icon with all the other silent notifications.
Android Note 10. Everything up to date

All other video doorbells I have had have always popped up Is with an option to answer when the doorbell has been pressed not just a miniscule notification.

It may seem wierd but if you disable the notifications from the doorbell notification menu, you should still get doorbell press notifications unless your account or app is muted.

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You can go to each camera and turn off notifications on each camera and leave the doorbell notifications on.

Thanks for the options. I have the app on silent, I still want the little notifications on top for all my outdoor cams 5 total. I’m looking for a way to have just thedoorbell press give me an audible notification. Other doorbells pop up like a phone call and you ha e the option to answer or ignore.
I played with the rules but couldn’t seem to come up with one. I have dogs and a kid so the outdoor cams flag often. There has to be a way to isolate the doorbell from the rest. Seems obviously important for most.

Currently an app notifications are all the same. You can seperate then out where some give an audible response and some dont. There is a doorbell call feature that is in a closed beta testing, so keep an eye on this in the near future.