Doorbell Offlline Indicator Request

I’ve had the doorbell with video for a while now and am very pleased with the product. There is one huge problem that I just discovered. My internet is currently down and I noticed that the doorbell is flashing blue and orange to notify that it is disconnected.

The problem is that the doorbell is outside… Therefore potentially notifying everyone except me that my home network is down. I don’t want anyone that walks by to have their attention drawn to a flashing doorbell that could let them know my cameras and other security devices may not be working correctly.

This is a huge security issue that needs to be corrected. Thank you.

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So it dawned on me last night when my internet decided to crap out that the video doorbell makes it known that there’s no internet connection by very brightly blinking a orange-ish yellow light. Which one would think is good except the fact that A. People know that their internet is out and don’t need an indicator on their video doorbell outside and B. I believe it to be a major security concern that your doorbell is advertising to the entire outside of your home your internet is currently down. If you go further and have home monitoring, now perpetrators knows that your internet is down or any other various services that you have, like cameras. Sorry if this is already a topic that’s been discussed I tried searching through the forums and I didn’t see anything but hopefully this is something that I can bring to the team’s attention and simply remove the light flashing as an indicator that there’s something wrong with the internet.

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Security: Disable wifi warning light for Wyze Doorbell

We should have the ability to disable the flashing amber warning light when wifi is disconnected on the Video Doorbell. It feels to me like this announces to the neighborhood that our doorbell isn’t connected.

I’d go a step further and say this should be the default setting, as it feels like a security issue. We can always check in the app to see if it’s not connected.

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I got your back. I see you posted this 6 months ago now and it has gotten very little traction. I will be considering switching back to Ring until it is resolved.