Doorbell offline

I have the doorbell and was working fine the first week but now it keeps saying offline. The only thing I have able to do is reset it to get back but then goes back offline. Thought?

Now my outdoor cam is saying offline.

I had similar issues in the past where sporadically my camera’s would go offline or the Kbps would go to 0. I tried a lot of different things but ended up with clearing my cache and at times rebooting my Access Points (I have a mesh network). Yesterday, I changed my network to a newer setup. So stupid question, could it be your network? Not sure of your setup, but have you tried rebooting Access Points and/or Router?

So far, mine has been rock solid. But it has only been a day.

BTW: I beta test the FW versions and Apps as they are released. Here are the settings I currently have:

Android Phone with Android 11 - Pixel 5
App Version: 2.18.18
Doorbell FW:
V3 FW:
V2 FW:
WCO Base FW: