Doorbell Issues (multiple)

Two HUGE issues here:

  1. Doorbell schedule keeps changing from ring all the time to a 1 minute window at 9:24 at night.
  2. During the heat of the day, the doorbell video freezes (starts around 10am) and records “motion” every five minutes (just a black error screen, no actual motion), requiring a restart before it works again.

Regarding 1, this has been reported as “fixed” by Wyze numerous times, but alas, it’s not. I ensured it was updated to and reset this almost every time I reboot the video doorbell (which is daily due to point 2).

  1. Going hours on end throwing meaningless alerts and not recording actual activity is not okay. This issue is enough for me to research a replacement unless you have something that can be done to remedy this.

Chime on FW
Doorbell FW is
App is Android Beta (v2.45.0 (b333)

Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?