Doorbell Firmware Failing to Update

Cam+ Subscriber with one of the pre-order Video Doorbells, which has mostly been working fine since I got it.

Updated the Android app yesterday, which had a notification that I should update the firmware on the doorbell to Whenever I try it spins for several minutes and eventually says “Update Failed”.

I’ve tried:
-WiFi signal: upgraded to WiFi 6 mesh system a month ago, signal has been full bars since
-Verified in my router software the doorbell is connected at 2.4ghz with full strength on a wired backhaul mesh node
-Reboot from app, which is successful
-Can stream live to the camera, and motion has been recording
-After reboot, verified firmware has not updated

Anything else to try?

Well I must have been the only one struggling with this. For what it’s worth I was able to get the firmware pushed and updated although I didn’t do anything different than try 10 times over a few days.

One theory I have that I can no longer prove, my doorbell may have been on a different node in my Asus AiMesh network than my phone. I believe the final time that pushed the update was done when I was at work, so not on the same network as the camera. I’ll try that next time it fails.