Doorbell captures The Great Coupon Heist of 2021

My Wyze Doorbell, which I’ve found to be pretty great, captured this porch pirate stealing my mail last night around midnight. I use USPS’ Informed Delivery service so I know what they got away with, and let’s just say it’s hundreds of dollars… in coupons. G’luck lady.

I do wish the Wyze Doorbell could be programmed to say something when it spots people. The lady didn’t even notice the bright white light on the camera, she was just too focused on her heist. And even though I was only 10 feet away inside, by the time I got the alert, checked the cam for safety and then went out, they were already down the street and gone.


This is an excellent idea! It could play a siren, “whistle” sound (similar to some Vivint cameras), beep, or a pre-recorded message.
@imranz, definitely add this to the #wishlist!


She must be in your neighborhood. Mail theft is a federal offense. Please go after her with the postal inspectors. Obviously she is doing this all the time.


While you don’t have a clear picture of her masked face, you do have a good picture of her body shape and size. Plus a pretty good description of the vehicle.

Putting all that information together and giving it to the police (if you haven’t already) will lead to an identification of these thieves.

They may have only got some coupons from you, but it’s a good bet they were hitting the entire street. And there is a good chance some of your neighbors caught them on camera too.

Good luck.


@Brlepage I did! They moved it to the bottom of the ongoing list of requested device triggers here:

Vote the thread up for more device triggers!

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For anyone curious, yes, I did contact LAPD, but they said they don’t pursue any mail theft, it’s federal jurisdiction under USPIS (United States Postal Inspection Service). So I did submit it to them, and indicated I have footage. We’ll see if anyone cares I guess!


This is why there needs to be a WYZE missile system to shoot at movement!


a Glitter bomb type of thing as well… Glitterbomb 3.0 vs. Porch Pirates - YouTube