Doorbell Camera Angle

Why does the camera point so high up?
If I angle it 20-30 degrees own I’m still showing some of the ceiling, but then it’s hard to use.

Is it the wide angle camera showing the ceiling? How much of the floor is it showing? Able to post a screen shot? How is it mounted?

The lens is at 53" from the floor (ceiling is 89"), and the camera is mounted 6’ from the wall in front of it. The 2 green tape marks (ceiling and floor) are 3’ from the wall. The doorbell is mounted to the frame of the door on a reiser I designed and 3D printed that is angled tword the door 5 degrees (the 30 degree one provided is too much).

I have a similar observation. Doorbell mounted perpendicular and the front porch is 4 feet deep. The doorbell cam shows about 1-2 feet of porch. A medium package was placed against door/side of house and not visible in cam. The cam should wide-angle a bit more down so that you can see packages placed on porch.


I came here looking for answers regarding this same issue. The top 1/3 of my doorbell camera screen is recording the ceiling of my porch, but I can’t see any packages that are left sitting in front of my door. I wish that it came with another shim to tilt it down a few degrees.

I pre ordered the doorbell, but that didn’t come with the Wyze up/down wedges. I had a friend that bought it from home depot, that got the up/down wedges and got one from him. There are Etsy sellers that sell aftermarket wedges and mounts. Here are a few that I’ve found that look pretty good.

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Is the up-down wedge available for users that pre-ordered? Would be a nice thing to have without having to purchase another doorbell cam in-person just for that piece.

ahem Wyze Support…

I believe that was only a Home Depot thing.

That’s why I asked. Offering the different wedge options to people that already have a camera from the pre-order event would be appreciated.