Doorbell Cam is NOT detecting most people more than 6 feet away

This is an ongoing problem. Most of the time the doorbell does Not detect people unless they are within 6’ feet.

Once again I was away. 3 days ago a package was delivered which is now missing. I have a V3 that shows the delivery truck in the road, and the guy walking 3/4 to to porch/Doorbell before going out of site of that camera. The doorbell never registerd a person, I wouldnt expect the package recognition since it was small. Since the doorbell does not have a playback, I cant see what happened to the package. Maybe someone took it, maybe it blew away in the high winds, Maybe the delivery guy stuffed it in his shirt and never dropped it off. I have no way of telling.
Most delivery guys get within 10’ of the camera and toss the package towards the door. These are the ones not being recognized. If theget closer to the camera its good.

So is there a solution for this other than adding a V3 next to the doorbell just because it doesnt have playback?

I can only make suggestions based on my wired VDBv1.

  1. Jack the motion sensitivity to 100% in Detection Settings
  2. Make sure Motion Detection is on and there is no schedule set in Event Recording
  3. Make sure you have Person Detection on in Smart Detection (I will assume you have CP, otherwise you will not get full length video and will also be subject to a 5min cooldown between events)

One problem I am having is where my doorbell is placed. My door is at the top of stairs so it doesn’t capture the walkup well. I am working on shiming it to make sure it is pointed where I want it to point.

Lastly, because there is no SD card, I am going to start testing to see if I can stream the feed and record it. Will update you on how this goes.

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