Door sensors out of stock?

I was originally hoping that motion sensors would be enough to cover the house adequately.

And they would be if I was still using radiators.

Unfortunately, they are apparently not compatible with my minisplit heat pump system. They see the warm air blown by these as a moving warm object. And unfortunately those airflows are present in all the areas I most want to monitor.

I tried setting them to lower sensitivity. No luck yet.

So I regretfully decided to install door/window sensors… only to find that they’re out of stock, no indication of when restocking is expected.

Is Wyze abandoning the security products? I can’t imagine having a system that we can’t add window sensors to. Then again, I was surprised by the minisplit problem.

There has to be a solution for one of these. Preferably both of these.

No. They were asked about this recently (I think it was on Discord last month?), and one of the employees said they are going to continue to support the security products and bring stuff back in stock. I don’t recall if they gave an ETA, I only remember they said it’s still an ongoing product that will continue to get supplies.

Yeah, that’s a common issue with PIR sensors. The problem is that they function by analyzing the overall ambient temperature/heat and so when that heat changes dramatically, that is what triggers the PIR. Usually that works out well for humans moving around, but if the PIR sensor is near or pointed toward a heat vent like that, it can trigger a false detection. The only possible solution is to try to aim the sensor in a slightly different way, or try to route the heat in a way that it disperses differently and doesn’t immediately change the ambient temperature in the range of the PIR sensor. Some people have found ways to do both of these things. Sometimes they can get them to point directly at a door or window instead of the whole room without direct air flow interfering. It kind of depends on each individual situation.

Honestly, I hope that Wyze will eventually come out with a new Presence sensor that will use Milimeter Wave instead of PIR to detect motion. That will be a good future solution for those with heating interference. For now though, they don’t have one of those yet.

Contact sensors should be coming back in stock though.

It does look like they have some in stock on their Amazon store at the moment:

And at the time of writing, it’s actually the same price as their website, but with free shipping! So it’s an even better deal anyway!