Door sensor only reports when opening

I have an intermittent issue where one sensor will only report upon opening. closing the door never reports closed, but then will re-report an open state when the door is opened again. I had to cycle the door 5 or 6 times last week to get it to report closed, but it properly reported every open event.

Anyone else have this issue?

Do you mean notification? You get an open notification when the door opens (are the closed notifs set to off?)? Or have the app indicate open?

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I would recommend taking out the bridge from the back of the camera if this happens again then waiting about 10 seconds before plugging it back in so you can do a reset for the door sensors.

Being an 80s gaming kid I blow on mine like it’s an NES cartridge…so far works for me just like it did then :rofl: just kidding don’t do this. I remove/replace bridge too and all is okay.

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The app is set for both open and close notifications.

When this occurs, it will indicate open in the app. Then when you close the door it still says open. Upon opening the door the second time, the notification goes off again saying the door was opened, never having shown it to be closed at all.

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Okay so did you remove and replace the bridge yet?