Door sensor Notification sound

Can you guys in your next update change the notification sound please? Don’t you think 5 notes with one pause is kind of too much?
It’s about door sensor

5 notes on the door sensor? The chime tune from the hub should be a single beep.

If you’re talking about the notification on the phone, you can change it yourself right now.
Go to the Account Tab → Notifications → Push Notifications → Notification Sound

  • Wyze Sound 1 sounds like Woody Woodpecker or the State Farm Jingle
  • Wyze Sound 2 is a quick 4 tones that sounds like just a couple
  • Wyze Sound 3 it is much shorter…almost one to 2 tone rolling beep

If you want it shorter, choose Sound 3.

If you’re using Android, you can actually set the sound to ANY custom sound you want using the Android system settings for the Wyze app.
iOS users are limited to those 3 options though.