Don't stop notifications on auto logout

Per this comment from an admin here, the app will auto logout after a week of not being used for security reasons. I don’t think that’s necessary, but ok. The problem I have is that the notifications also stop. You think everything is good but you’re just not getting the notifications. This is an issue on my iPhone since I normally check out notifications on my iPad but I need the notifications in both places.

  • What I expect: To get notifications on my iPhone any time something happens that I need to know about.

  • What actually happens: Notifications stop occurring on my iPhone without my realizing it. (Notifications do continue on my iPad, but I often don’t carry it.)

  • Work around: Create a reminder in your todo list to tap on the Wyze app at least once a week.

  • Request: Always show me the reminders whether or not I’ve been auto logged out. Put fewer details in the notifications, if you want, but please don’t stop the notifications completely.


Edited to add that the security logout is due to the app not being used for a week.

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Interesting, I have never noticed this before. I will have to pay more attention on my secondary phones. I don’t recall them logging out and ceasing notifications, but I haven’t paid close attention. Thanks for bring it up, I’ll have to try to pay closer attention to this.

Does anyone know, is this Wyze doing it, or is this something that Apple/Android do when an app hasn’t been used for so long? I know Android will sometimes revoke some permissions on unused apps after enough time unused, and I have to open them back up and reset their permissions, though I can change those settings to tell it to never revoke permissions like that for certain apps even if idle for too long. Is that possibly what’s happening here? Is it iOS force-revoking permissions, and is it possible to iOS to stop doing that for certain apps like I can do in Android? I don’t know iOS too well because it’s just my secondary phone, but I am wondering if it is basically the same thing.

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I checked with Wyze and the individual I spoke with indicated that they believe this is the case. But they are also verifying again with the PM.

As you, I did not know this was in place and believe I have got more than 7 days without touching my iOS device. But I cannot be 100% sure. If the individual comes back and says that this is not the case, I will update the Wish. But they did say to go ahead and post


Yeah, interesting new information. I’ll have to pay attention in the future. :slight_smile:

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I have not opened my iOS device is a few days now. I am trying to see if it logs out as well. We shall see

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I have my Wyze cam so I know when my dogs are barking at our back fence which is really close to a neighbors’ house but over a small hill from ours. Our first floor does not have line of sight to the back fence but our 2nd floor does. So, I put a Wyze cam on a second floor window and now I get notifications when they bark (via sound notifications), and can also stream it to my iPad next to me. So, I have an unusual use for a security cam.

I normally just have notifications on for sound and people, though people hardly ever show up in our backyard. When I get a notification, I often just get the dogs in and don’t check the events – or I simply hear the dogs barking on my iPad.

The upshot of all this is I almost never open the app on my iPhone, like even for 3-4 weeks at a time. When the notifications stop, it happens silently, so it took a while for me to realize it. I knew I was having to login from time to time (maybe half a dozen or more times in the last year?). However, I did not expect notifications to just stop. Of course, I continued to get them on my iPad but I don’t carry that around like my iPhone. I eventually put a reminder in Omnifocus for me to open the app on my iPhone from time to time. At first, I set it for every 4 weeks, but that wasn’t often enough. Eventually, I found the post I referenced above and reduced it to every 6 1/2 days.

The most recent time I logged in was Jan 26; I know from Omnifocus that I did open the app on Jan 8. I can’t be sure if I opened it between those dates but not after Jan 19. Once I logged back in, I was struck by how many notifications I was getting from the app. Observing what happened Jan 26 really brought it home that I had been missing notifications. Hence my wish here.

A fall back would be to use a notification to the user that they’re about to be logged out with a warning that notifications could stop. It’s not ideal but better than what happens now.

Notifications from that time forward or a flood of notifications from when you were “logged out”?

From that time forward. When I started getting them that day, it really hit me that I hadn’t been getting them recently. There must have been more than usual right then, probably sound notifications due to it being a windy day.

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