Does your Wyze cam footage look like this?

Not buying it, I think you’re one of those shape shifting time travelers.


Exactly! :upside_down_face: what he said!

Oh my… Tings be gettin warm in da kitchen now

Well you didn’t ask my opinion but then again it is a free forum. As usual the die hard wyze folks sure can be condincinding to others who aren’t very knowledgeable or true cult like believers. Yes the guy was off on his explanations but when someone doesn’t know what questions to ask, let alone how to ask them perhaps you should have a little patience. Or if the conversation is working out, just quit. Are you trying to help or are trying to be right? Sometimes we just have to agree to disagree and sometimes we just have to shut up. Which I’m going to do now. Feel free to respond but I won’t say another word, to me conversation is over. Just sayin.

I agree, as I mentioned above I believe he was/is obviously frustrated. Hopefully he gets answers once he figures out what questions to ask.