Does Wyze price match itself?

I ordered my Wyze Scale S last week, it showed up today. I look online and the price is down from $22 to $12. I know its a long shot but does Wyze have a pricing policy for some thing that goes on sale right after you buy it?

Contact Support to find out. I would call though:

I just had a situation where I purchased 5 OG cameras on 6 Oct and this week’s sale had them for less (just a few weeks had passed). I called Wyze customer support earlier this week and they would not price match / refund the difference. Their proffered solution was to return the cameras for a refund and repurchase them at the lower price. What a waste of time and shipping costs both for me and Wyze. I have been a Wyze customer from the start buying most of their products / recommending them to family, friends, and acquaintances. But this is the first time I have a serious bone to pick with the company. Sorry, but this is clearly not a customer oriented approach. I hope someone who can rectify this situation contacts me.