Does the V3 Pro have much better two-way audio than the V3?

I have multiple V3 cams and they are an excellent value, but the audio, ah er hmmmm, is much less than impressive. (being polite).

Does the V3 Pro have much better or excellent two way audio compared to the V3?

Forgetting the price difference, is anything better in the non-pro compared to the Pro?

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Let me put it this way:

I already had a V3 in my toddler’s bedroom, but it was hard to talk through it or hear through it. I couldn’t understand my daughter, and she couldn’t hear me. Half the time when I tried to talk through it, it didn’t work. Very frustrating.

I got a V3Pro and put it in my toddler’s room. Now I can talk to her and she can talk to me, and we both understand each other.

I still have the V3 in my daughter’s room solely for the purpose of using the Invisible Near IR at night (so it’s not shining a creepy red glow in my daughter’s face all night)…I use the V3Pro for everything else. I never use the V3 to talk through or listen to anymore. The V3Pro works so much better. My daughter loves it. She calls it the “Dadda Camera” and sometimes will Call out to “Dadda Camera” when she needs something and say “Thank you Dadda Camera” and when I come to her room she will squeal in delight and tell me that she told the Dadda camera, and it talked to her and she’ll giggle and laugh and be all happy. It works way better than the V3.

I do wish I could still make it go louder through my phone while I’m talking through it. It’s not bad, but sometimes I want it louder for my hearing since the camera is across the room.

The Only downsides of the V3Pro for me so far are that it doesn’t have the invisible Near IR like the V3, and they haven’t enabled Face Detection on it. Otherwise, I’ve replaced a bunch of cameras with V3Pros now.


Thank you for your honest reply. I was very restrained… did not want to offend anyone. The audio on all of my V3 is atrocious. Would a firmware upgrade be capable of fixing it ?

Is there a 90 degree image shift, not just 180? I’d like to mount the cam on the side of a building.

The mounting piece would be better with two keyhole slots if the cam is mounted upside down.

Will order a V3 Pro based on your experience.

Is there a forum or place to list criticisms of specific Wyze models?

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It seems like it. For example, this wishlist request says it is in progress:

Which indicates that there definitely are some improvements on the way.

Not yet. There is a wishlist for this. Vote for it here:

There are employees who browse this forum and the other platforms too and often report feedback on things.

You may post any criticism in any of them including here as long as you follow the community guidelines, which are very reasonable and mostly common sense (ie: don’t attack another user, focus on ideas rather than people; no threats, no spam, etc). They allow basically any criticism, suggestions, etc.

Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t hate the V3. It’s been a great camera in a lot of ways, with a good image and the starlight sensor it has to see in low light was amazing when it launched. I also love the invisible near IR and the magnetic base, and some cool accessories, etc. It’s great in a lot of ways, but sound and 2 way talking are not it’s strong points. Sounds is not great on recorded events, but it’s okay. But I can’t really use it for 2 way talking. If someone doesn’t care about 2 way talking then it’s not as big of a deal. So I’ve positioned in places where that’s not as important for me now.

For the V3Pro, I think you’ll like it better for talking. Keep in mind that it uses more power, so be careful about using too long of a 3rd party cord since they can reduce the amount of power getting to the camera, which can affect it’s functionally while your trying to talk through it. Test it out and see how you like it. One nice thing about Wyze is their 30 day return policy so you can make sure it fits your needs/expectations first.

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Thank you. It was easy to add RTSP to the v3, so now it can be on a NVR.

How to add RTSP to the V3 Pro?

Most people use the “Docker Wyze Bridge” to get RTSP from a V3Pro. It will allow you to keep using the official Wyze firmware and still get all the benefits of RTSP.

There are also some other 3rd party options as well, but no official Wyze option yet. I am hopeful that Wyze will offer something similar in the future, maybe using WebRTC, since they said they were testing out a Livestream feature they hope to include in the future.

But for now, my recommendation is to follow a walkthrough for Docker Wyze Bridge to get RTSP from most of the Wyze cams, including the V3Pro.


What is the reason that RTSP is not included in the V3 Pro firmware? How would that hurt Wyze by including it?

Can a V2 or V3 firmware which has RTSP be used on the Pro?

Friend sent me this complex website: GitHub - gtxaspec/wz_mini_hacks: wz camera mods... make your camera better.