Does the thermostat have "home" and "away" modes?

I’m thinking of getting some Wyze thermostats. We have oil heat with three zones, so I’ll need three thermostats. My question is: Is there any easy way to set the thermostat to “away” mode, like if we go on vacation? And is there one setting that would apply to the whole house, or would I have to set the mode to “away” in each of the three thermostats?

Yes the T-Stat has Home and Away setting, including Sleep.

You can do a simple toggle to put it in away mode or set it up to automatically do it when the primary phone is no longer in the house. You have options, but I use the manual approach as currently the T-Stat does not look at the number of individuals you have in the house and then do Geofencing based on that.

I have had mine for a year or so and have been happy with it. Yes I have had some issues, but nothing major and nothing to stop me from using it. It is a solid device which replaced a different Smart Thermostat I had.

Is the home/away switch per house, or per thermostat? It would be nice if I could just turn it off in once place and have it apply to all thermostats in the house.

You could make a rule that when one sets… the others get set. And then repeat that rule for all other thermostats to set the others for as many as you have. Although, it might be an endless rule loop… interesting test to find out.

It is set per T-Stat. However, as @Earl.Automation indicated, you could set a rule that indicates when one goes into a certain mode, set the others to the same mode.

In setting up a rule, the following will show the triggers anf actions for a T-Stat

Triggers                                   Actions

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