Does the Outdoor Cam Base Station extend the range of all Wyze cams, or only other Wyze Outdoor Cams?

In the marketing images, the base station is free-standing, but as I understand it, it’ actually connected to the router via an ethernet and power cable, unless I’m missing something. Regardless, which Wyze cams does the base station work with in terms of range extension?

Nope, only connects to WCO


Also, the base is required. It doesn’t extend the range of the outdoor cam it is the only way to connect the cams to your network.

I like Wyze the company and its products. This feels like a decision between pros and cons. I’m torn among just waiting for future Wyze products, getting one of the outdoor cams and maybe an extra when they go on sale, or honestly just two more Wyze cams or pan cams for the “same” price as the starter package. One of these Outdoor Cams seems like a fun or cool addition to my existing five tethered Wyze cams because of its location flexibility. The battery offers an either/or scenario, meaning it’s a blessing and a curse because location flexibility is its primary strength but with the hassle of recharging and losing all the great but battery-draining features of the original tethered cams. The other features are convenient at best since I already have all five Wyze cams “outside“ already. So it’s not an immediate but for me because I’m more likely to “upgrade” a failing existing Wyze cam with another new one rather than an outdoor cam because they lose functionality to make it portable. I imagine a future Wyze all-in-one Wyze cam that has all of the features of the original cams plus all of the features of the outdoor cam but with improved optics and security standards and 5G would be an overwhelmingly final decision maker for me to buy, even at increased costs. I’m still holding my souped up and maxed out iPhone 7 Plus with 256 GB for the same reasons rather than upgrading yearly. Maybe Apple will finally announce this September the phone that demands an upgrade. This outdoor cam fulfills a niche for Wyze users, but not all users. That’s a good thing for them. But I’ll probably wait to see how I feel in August, and keep waiting for the Next Big Thing by Wyze. Not complaining, just thinking out loud.