Does the cam needs an sd to store motion events?

I understand that events are kept 12 days on wyze cloud, does it need an sd to do do?
Also, can my cam events stored be played back from a different device (as if they were stored on gdrive)?

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An SD card lets you capture event footage or continuous recording.
The “cloud” is separate and kept for two weeks and can be downloaded to your device.
Somewhere in Support there are articles on SD card use.

Thanks a lot for your fast reply. So why does it says ‘no sd’ when i press playback or album? How do i browse to my (cloud) recorded events and play them?

Either the SD card has failed, not properly seated, the wrong capacity, or there really is no SDcard in the slot.

From the home screen, select “Events”

“Playback” refers to the playback from the SD card. Cloud motion events are located under “Events,” not “Playback.” “Album” is also a feature that’s specific to the SD card. If you save snapshots from the camera or if you make time-lapse videos, they’ll be stored on the SD card in this section.

Again, a need for a Wyze dictionary,


Or a section, “Frequently Asked Questions”

Ideally, the SD card features would be hidden if there is no SD card. It would eliminate a lot of confusion.

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Is this a wishlist item? It should be.

Seems like the same questions are asked over and over again. Maybe show the faq before entering the forum.

FAQ is here:

But we also need a dictionary.

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Thanks. I guess you are correct. It could make things clearer or at least standardize an answer.

Thank you all, i did try the events button but touching images there always results in ‘sory, wyze has stopped’ and so i thought it was due to lack of sd