Does Doorbell Pro Switch to Battery with Electricity Loss?

Is the battery function of the video doorbell pro a fail over option if electricity fails, or is it just intended for when people don’t have an option for wiring it?

I’d love to have the longevity of wiring but the safety of it still working even if someone cut our electricity. (Router and modem are on a battery backup).

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I would think that the camera always runs off battery, and the power from the wiring keeps the battery topped off.

Your issue would be that the doorbell pro chime would also need to have backup power somehow because that is what connects and bridges your wifi network and the doorbell itself.

Ah okay, so the doorbell pro doesn’t connect to the network if the chime is unplugged or loses electricity? :eyes: I’ll put that on a small battery backup then if that’s the case haha.

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Nope, the doorbell pro chime is it’s “gateway” to the network.

Connection chain: VDBP → VDBP chime → your wifi network.

Other Wyze doorbells are different though, both the Wyze Doorbell V1 and the Wyze Doorbell v2 connect to your wifi network. The vbdv1 has a chime that is added as an accessory, and then the vdbv2 works with your legacy chime.

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