Does anyone know if V2 or V3 FW reversion will lose a cam plus license?

So I’ve a few Cam Plus licenses, and about 30 active cameras with various versions of firmware. And occasionally I need to revert.
I had one case with a V2 with a Cam Plus monthly license that I tried to upgrade to Cam Plus annual and it wouldn’t work, I had to move it to a different cam.
So if I’ve a V2 or V3 camera with Cam Plus, upgrade the FirmWare, find it’s flaky and need to go back do I lose the capability to have Cam Plus on that camera? (and move the license elsewhere)

I would not think so. If in doubt, move the CamPlus license to another camera before downgrading. As far as I know, the only time you lose CamPlus capability is with RTSP firmware (or maybe also with ancient firmware that pre-dates CamPlus).


Highly unlikely. A CamPlus license is tied to an account, not to a camera.

Which is why one is allowed to switch a license to another camera within the same account - which may have a different firmware version.


Is there a known FW cutoff for Cam Plus?

Quite possibly - prior to CamPlus existing. I don’t know what version that would be. All of my V3s and two V2s are the latest beta, and the remaining V2s and both Pans are the latest RTSP (which can’t do CamPlus at all). Since CamPlus is just over a year old, I would think that something prior to a year ago would be the cutoff.

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I think it is possibly incremental (what features are available with which firmware) because at first it was basically just a name change from Complete Motion Capture to Cam Plus, so it will probably work for cloud events on firmware preceding the Cam Plus name (1 year ago). But while it’s been called Cam Plus it has gone through stages of adding more and more to what AI features are included, and I know there have been some necessary firmware upgrades in order to be able to fully take advantage of some of the added features. Apparently this is why V2’s have possible beta features with the AI that V3’s do not have the ability to do. In the last AMA, they said that the firmware version can definitely affect what AI features are available:

So, a person could look through all the Firmware release notes for anything talking about Cam Plus features and see where those lines are drawn.

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You will not lose the license. I can confirm from personal experience changing cam plus from pan cams to v3, pan to V2, v3 to pan…etc. If I recall correctly, you uncheck the camera in the membership page in the app, select the camera you want it on, and hit save. The subscription info and expiration date will remain the same, i.e. if you have an annual subscription that you activated on a camera on January 1st, if you move the subscription, it will retain the same expiration of 12/31

Why would you think you would lose it?

So the V2 that was in an important but not very accessible location had been running fine with a Cam Plus monthly license. I chose to upgrade to an annual license. The “new” annual license could not be installed on the SAME V2 that the Cam Plus “old” monthly license had been running on 10 minutes earlier. I got a message that the cam had to be “up to date”.

meaning what - you guess? Firmware?

Maybe remove the monthly and wait “a while” hour or day for the server at Wyze to catch up. Then try again. ???

Yes- I think it said firmware. But I’ve developed a rule of my own - if a cam is working but it is difficult to get to DON’T UPDATE unless necessary.

Wyze pushes out updates like a calf with diarrhea. An update primarily for the bulb is likely to have some little tweak for the cameras and fubar MY cameras. And reflashing a camera that requires me to get out a 30’ ladder is not worth the effort.

Its okay with me.

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