Interchangeability of legacy "person detection only" and CamPlus services

On a legacy v2 or Pan Cam, can you switch back and forth from legacy 'Person Detection Only on Unlimited Cameras" to CamPlus license and then back to legacy “Person Detection Only on Unlimited Cameras”?
Example: If I TEMPORARILY activate a CamPlus license on a v2 camera that currently has legacy “person detection only on unlimited cameras”, will I be able to revert back to the legacy “person detection only” detection when I move the CamPlus license to my new v3 camera?

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My understanding is you can swap as many times as you like (I have been doing that since I have legacy and also have Cam Plus), legacy PD is for all the supported cameras on your account so anything that is not Cam Plus but supported under legacy should be fine and you can swap them out repeatedly. I will tag @WyzeGwendolyn if you still want an assurance from an empolyee but being a Friday afternoon you may not hear anything until Monday.

Thank you so much for your quick reply! So I can just swap my Cam Plus licenses (I have four) around between different v2, Cam Pan, and v3 cameras at will without losing my PD on the legacy v2 and Pan Cams, is that correct?

That is my understanding and honestly what I have been doing. As far as I am aware though currently v3 does not support legacy PD but supports Cam Plus.

The way I understand it, you have legacy PD on your account covering all supported cams. You can apply Cam Plus to a cam while the others still retain Legacy PD. You decide you want Cam Plus on a different cam so you move the Cam Plus license. The cam you removed the license from goes back to using Legacy PD.

Edit: I have confirmed this works, you can swap Cam Plus around and retain Legacy PD. You may have to do a restart of the cam in the app at times to force the switch but it works.


Thanks, Jason. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my question so thoroughly!