Do you sell longer cable for wyze socket?

I hope this is the right section for socket related questions. I find the socket adapter to be very short, is it possible to extend it or buy longer on? It says don’t use the wire that came with the camera so I can’t use existing long length wires I bought, I assume socket uses specific type of cord?

Wyze does not sell one, but you can buy one on Amazon or ebay. It does need to be a data-capable cable, not just a power cable, tho.


Thanks, seems like it’s difficult to find a female Micro-USB to male Micro-USB, I’ll keep looking.
I can definitely use my old longer data cables but I like the one that comes with it since it makes a nice seal at socket and it does look cleaner.

Would something like this work?

Thanks Tom, I use that type of cables for my regular wyze cameras, but it would not work for wyze socket USB controller. According to above, it needs to be data+power, while the regular wyze camera wires are power only.

Also, the cord you linked has USB-A female, it could work with another USB cable that has USB-A male on both ends, but again it wouldn’t seal or sit flush on the socket since the one that comes with socket has angled border around the port.