Do not buy a cam plus subscription in canada

If you buy a Wyze Cam in Canada, you cannot go to the Wyze website to subscribe. You will be sent to the Wyze Canada site where there is no option to get a Wyze Cam Plus subscription.

The only way to get a Cam Plus subscription is through the App which processes through the Play Store or App Store. And if you do this, you might as well shred some money, because the licenses never show in the App and you’ll never be able to assign it to your cameras.

I’ve been trying to get my licenses to show up in the app for 2 months. Wyze sends me to Google who sends me to Wyze.

I can’t even get them to create a license for me, because I need to have a credit card with a US billing address to get a subscription.

Wyze should not be selling cameras in Canada


You’re %100 correct. I did the same without knowing and I had to email Wyze which then they blamed it on apple store. Apple did not know anything regarding that and I ended up canceling it.

I just installed 4 cameras in Canada, including 2 doorbell pros. I was given the option of buying Cam Plus for all four. I bought it for the two doorbell cams (as others have said) via the App Store and both cameras are now showing as Cam Plus cameras with 2-week free trials that will switch to subscriptions in 2 weeks. It was the smoothest camera install I’ve ever done. I’m a previous Ring and Arlo user but tired of their relatively expensive plans.

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I was going to sign up for Cam Plus PRO for home security as it is exactly what I want, however, it is only offered in the US. I hope they add Cam Plus PRO for Canada, as 911 is the same in Canada and shouldn’t be a big difference for implementation [Mod Edit].

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