Do I Need a New Motion Sensor?

My motion detector goes offline at least once every day. Originally, I had the bridge connected to my pan cam. After checking out the Wyze forums I moved the bridge to the cam v2-still goes offline once or twice a day. Restarting the camera fixes the issue. My contact sensors, which are connected to the same bridge, have never gone offline. I have 2 contact sensors and this one motion sensor linked to the bridge. All of my cameras and sensors are in a 10x12 foot room. The motion detector is approximately 6ft from the bridge. This room is about 15 ft away from a google Wifi point. Should I just toss it and try a new motion detector?

@Kelso I would just hang on to the motion sensor until you rule out that it’s bad. If you don’t mind spending $5.99 for another one, I will provide the link to it below. It could be a signal interference but only being 6ft from the bridge that is questionable.

Another thing you can try is to remove the battery from the sensor and reset it. Sometimes this completely changes its behavior and gets it back to working again.

If you want to submit a request to support you can do that as well. They will replace it for you if it is bad.

Edit: If you decide to purchase a new one, click on the dropdown box to buy the single motion sensor.

Purchase Single Motion Sensor

Submit a Request


@StopICU33 Thank you for the reply. I’ll try the battery/reset procedure that you mentioned. I should have tried this first. Thanks again.

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You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I removed/reinstalled the battery, pressed the reset button, removed and then added the device back. So far, so good. This is the longest stretch (12 hrs) that it’s been online without it going offline. Thanks again @StopICU33


@Kelso You’re welcome! Glad to hear it is doing better for you. I hope that completely resolved the issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

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