Distance from Camera to Sense Contact Sensors

Just some feedback from my current experience with contact sensors. While WYZE does not give very much detail on this topic saying such things as it varies based on your location types of construction between etc. they do say you should only need one bridge for a typical house. Other places they recommend one per floor. I guess my home is atypical. That given I do have a brick home. Currently I have two cameras, one just outside my back door (oh! no! it is outside) in a screen porch and one in a spandrel. Unfortunately the one in the spandrel is not easily accessible, so I had to put the bridge in the one outside. The windows I wanted to put sensors on are on the second floor. And I do have a fairly large house (2900 sq ft). Needless to say the sensor is off-line. I have discovered the signal for open seems to be stronger for some reason as I can occasionally get it to register but not closed. I did a test with the second sensor and only could get reliable signal in the adjacent room any further and I start losing the close signal. I plan to purchase another camera for the second floor, but I’m waiting to purchase some more sensors at the same time when they become available. Hopefully this information will help someone along the way!

as far as I know they are still looking to be fully available later this month. so there is hope…just a little delay in there.